[2018] Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2018 dla “5 ELEMENTS”

IDEA: Furniture as a reminiscence of FIVE ELEMENTS.

a quote from News: Western culture has raced ahead, conveniently forgetting the fundamental principles of life and all to eager to strip our planet of it’s resources to gain apparent wealth. The ambitious culture of the West has for so long applied pure science and logic that they have allowed their minds to become spiritually dormant, unable to understand  or grasp even the simplest  principles of life. Now that so much damage has been done, the West in it’s desperation, is seeking it’s salvation by turning to Eastern philosophies and beliefs. Philosophies such as Yin/Yang and the Five-Elements []

The Five Element’s theory is difficult to comprehend untill one can accept the fundamental rules of life. Some people have preserved their traditional culture and can focus on their philosophical lives enyoing nature and invite her into their lives.

This furniture refers to the five major elements: wood, fire, water, earth and metal also known as the Five Phases or the Five Movements.

The FIVE ELEMENTS are always believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe. It became widespread mostly used in Chinese medicine, philosophy, cosmology, cycles, phases, fengshui, fortune-telling, music and martial arts.

The furniture is made of the materials taken from nature. Each material reflects one element.
A main steel construction of the furniture [metal] complemented by other elements: an aquarium [water], a fireplace [fire], a wood pieces [wood], and a stone in the aquarium [earth].

Why so?

Over the past years and even today people still use too much different artificial material to create new design or new products without taking care of nature.

I decided to use materials they once can back again to environment without any further demage to nature. I wanted also to pay attantion to how precious nature is, giving the possibility to think about it quietly at home. The place we have great time to relax.

It’s designed to the modern and industrial interiors that allows to enjoy and admire what nature created. All FIVE ELEMENTS existing around us. Not more than just focus on it…

Few months ago I visited Messe Frankfurt 2018 one of the biggest market in Europe. I went there to find some inspiration in design. Unexpectadly I saw so much artificial products I’ve never seen before. At least I was not so aware of it. After I came back home it took me few days to understand it’s not a good direction I go with design. I started thinking what to change in design to pay more attention to nature. Specially that clients are not aware of where design goes and how many artificial materials they buy and use in their houses.   The main idea of ​​creating a steel frame shelf was to use natural materials and presenting elements from nature like water, wood, earth, steel and fire.I called this design a reminiscence of FIVE ELEMENTS.